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Pre-Abortion Counseling - We believe deeply that women deserve to make informed choices about abortion. Our staff is available for decision making counseling prior to an abortion. This is a chance for any woman feeling unresolved conflict about her decision to problem solve before she has an abortion. Regardless of the final decision, we have information, services or referral sources at hand. We offer this information in an objective, non-judgmental atmosphere. Many women find this time helpful if they are not sure of their decision, feel that they have no one to talk to, cannot decide between a surgical versus a non-surgical abortion, or just want to get some information before their appointment. Our goal with this type of counseling is to help women come to a peaceful place about whatever pregnancy decision is made. We have found this type of “head and heart” counseling is the best way to resolve internal conflict.

Post Abortion Counseling - Post Abortion counseling is available for women who have had abortions with us or elsewhere. We understand that some decisions are made in haste, or with pressure from important people around you, or from a place of hopelessness and helplessness. We have also learned that post-abortion conflict can arise from these types of decisions. Our primary goal with this counseling is to help you find a path to peace about your decision. You will not face judgement from us, you will find support, truthful information and practical skills to help you work through your conflict.